Relaxing physcially and mentally is very important for your long term health and  mental focus.  Let me give you an example.  In today’s sports arena there are so many talented and hard working sports athletes, there won’t be much difference between the top athletes.  But the very best athletes who win gold medals will be exceptionally focused.  You can imagine there will be immense pressures on each athlete during performances, but the one who can mentally focus, stay clam and relax will out perform the other competitors.  In most cases, this mental edge is the difference between a gold or a silver medal.  As a wing chun martial artist, you are also an athlete who needs to train your mind.

You can see how important training your mind is as training your body.  You can beat others of better physical talent if your mind can focus and become stronger than your opponent’s.

Physical relaxation is important to prevent injuries in your joints and muscles, and hence prolonging your physical health and body strength.

Tip : When you are training, try to relax as much as possible and not to over exert your body which could result in wear and tear. If not, you will experience pain, injury and poor health over time.

Mental relaxation will help you focus on your goals in life.  Whether it be in martial arts, social, career or other aspects of life.  By relaxing mentally this will help you focus on the more important things in your life, therefore you will be more productive at what you do.  People who are not mentally focused on their goals can easily lose sight of their what they want and wander aimlessly in life without achieving anything.  Life goes by very fast so don’t assume you will improve tomorrow, do it today!