Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese martial arts system that was developed in the Shaolin Monastery in the ‘Spring’ Temple, hence the name Wing Chun means Foever Spring.  Typical of southern systems is the small compact movements.

The moves were designed to be taught more quickly to the common people to combat the Ming Invaders in the 1700s.  Wing Chun techniques consist of kicks and punches but rarely involve acrobatic movements in the air.

Wing Chun was popularized by Bruce Lee.  He was taught by Yip Man who brought it from China to Hong Kong.

Wing Chun forms consist of:

  1. The Sil Lum Tao
  2. Chum Kiu
  3. Biu Jie
  4. 8 foot Pole Technique
  5. Butterfly Knoves
  6. Wooden Dummy Form

Today, Wing Chun remains one of the most popular martial arts systems practiced through out the world because of the relatively few movements but ease of application and intelligent use of body movement.